Northern lights
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poro mv 
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Christmas - Polar night
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  Midnight sun
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The world that surrounds Kaamanen is in it's purest. Located in the northern Lapland, 30 km north from Inari. In the clear waters swims trout, arctic char, grayling, whitefish, and many other northern fish. Kiella and Kaamas rivers drains into the drinkable Vastus and Muddusjärvi. Purity of nature can best be seen by lichen in the pines. At Kaamanen you can find untouched wilderness areas, as well as hiking paths and trails.

Kaamanen's central location in the northern Lapland provides a variety of opportunities for fishing and snowmobile trips in four different directions, and the three way by road to get to Norway. Kaamanen has a war memorial statue and a different war-time the estates, especially the old airport, which is located right behind the site.

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