Reindeer is a half wild animal living in the northern Fennoscandia that grazed in the mountains and forest in Lapland. Sami reindeer herding is a traditional source of livelihood. Animals are collected in the fall of reindeer separations sorting and selection of animals for slaughter. The reindeer are assembled in the summer around Midsummer calves marked, so that their ears are cut with a knife owner acts or words. Reindeer has a highly heat -insulating coat. Thanks to the reindeer fur it survives the cold winters of the north. Male reindeer can weigh 90-180 kg and a shoulder height of up to 127 cm ; female reindeer is somewhat lower , 60-100 lbs. A newborn calf weighs 4-6 kg. Reindeer lifespan can be 18-20 years. Both sexes have horns , which are changed every year. Reindeers horns are the world's fastest- growing bone . It can grow 2 centimeters in a day and gain half a pound weight in the same period of time.

Reindeer fur is usually gray, light brown and white in color, but the color varies between different individuals. Summer times reindeer eat mostly birch leaves, lichen, hay and grass, but in the forests , they also have access to a rich array of food, such as the natural grassland plants. In the autumn reindeer gather food reserves for the winter by eating mushrooms, lichens and grasses in addition. In winter, when food is naturally less, the reindeer are looking primarily for lichen. Reindeer is able to smell lichen through a meter thick snow.

Reindeer live in 5-500, sometimes even larger reindeer herds , or in skeins , where they wander around seeking food and water many kilometers in a day. Sometimes, young adults , or male deer may wander around on their own. The reindeer is one of the social cloven-hoofed animals . Found in nature reindeer is fleeing people, but in captivity they behave normally curious and fearless.

Sautéed reindeer is traditional food in Lapland. Reindeer meat is relatively low in fat and composition tender. The meat is rich in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins A and B.

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